A pinch of Caraway

Just a pinch is enough to flavor a freshly baked loaf of bread, brew a cup of healthy tea, or ferment a jar of Lithuanian classic sauerkraut. Caraway boasts a distinct taste and aroma which makes it a popular choice of many chefs. We are the experts in the subtleties of caraway taste and quality.

Every single pinch of spice is carefully guided by Baltic Caraway throughout a long journey, which starts in the fields of trusted farmers, resumes through cleaning and sorting lines in the processing plant and ends in our clients’ hands, nicely packed. Only the pinch of highest quality caraway makes it to the end.


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Why choose us?


We understand the importance of consistent quality and uniformity of production.


We work with customers from Lithuania and other EU countries. Part of production ships to Asia.


Being socially responsible, we care for the welfare and high qualification of our employees.


We operate one of the most modern production and cleaning lines in the Baltic States.


We only accept quality raw materials and regularly check our suppliers for compliance.


Vertical integration lets us offer best value for money. Contact us to verify.

Quality First

We only work with trustworthy farmers, regularly checking for compliance with standards and proper documentation. All raw materials delivered to the plant are lab-tested for pesticides. We ensure the production origin is verified to guarantee proper output quality.

Manifold cleaning and sorting process eliminates foreign impurities from seed material, including small rocks and metal particles. Later stage employs optical selection to sort the seeds by shape, surface texture and color. This way only quality seed stays in the processing chain.

Grain and seed processing line operates strictly according to internal quality control standards. Precision-driven optical sorting lets us be sure that every single pinch of caraway produced is of highest purity, just what the client expects.

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Baltic Caraway cleaning line is one of the most modern in the Baltic states. State-of-the-art technology lets us guarantee final purity of your raw materials.



Baltic Caraway plant boasts a modern packaging line allowing to package and label the final product meeting the client’s specific needs.